Air Wildwood Bed


Air Wildwood Bed

Designed by Daniele Lago the Air Wildwood bed is a striking piece and can also be set up in the middle of the room to stunning effect. The wood used for the headboard is tactile and full of emotion, thanks to the texture of the wood grain, which makes each bed unique and original.

The bed is suspended on extra-clear tempered glass supports to enhance its minimal deign and ease of cleaning.

The Air Wildwood bed stuns and inspires emotion through its contrasts: the tactility of the Wildwood headboard is a counterpoint to the ethereal lightness of the extra-clear glass supports.

Incoming stock: Queen size, natural Wildwood headboard, size 45" x 115.8" with closed ends.

Price: $6,320.00

Custom orders are available for the Air Wildwood Bed.
Please call (510) • 420 • 0386 or email for availability and custom order pricing.

Daniele Lago
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