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Relationships are important to us at We begin with deliberate relationships with some of Italy’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers—carefully chosen not only because of innovative design, but also because of their attention to quality control, reliability and promptness in shipping. We believe that these are the same qualities of dependability that our customers want from us. Since we can depend upon our suppliers, we are free to focus on the needs of our customers—the kind of focus that builds customer relationships and makes it possible to deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service and the gratification of our customer’s needs.

So, how is that working out for us? Here’s a sample of what our gratified customers have to say about our customer service:


“Thank you for suggesting the Semicupola Sconce for my home…The quality is first rate and my wife is ecstatic. I also want to compliment you on your excellent customer service.”

Brent R of Florence, South Carolina



“…The table arrived quickly and you were very responsive to all my questions.”

S Newman from New York


“…as a former business owner I cannot say enough positive things about the level of customer service provided by the team at Italydesign. Overall, I had roughly a dozen exchanges with them either on the phone or email, they always responded promptly (usually within an hour or two) even on weekends.”

Claude A from Fort Worth, Texas


As much as it pleases us to satisfy the needs of our customers, it is even more exciting to know that we are developing relationships with our customers that extend beyond the present purchase into a future of purchases!


Brent R adds, “It is a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to our next purchase.”


S Newman continues, “…I would be happy to do business with you again.”


And a last word from Claude A, “…I will continue to buy products from them, and they get my highest recommendation possible.”


Italy Design, a progressive, cutting edge factory direct importer of stylish modern furniture and contemporary furniture, is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Italy Design is one of the largest showroom/warehouse facilities for high style, modern Italian furniture in the United States.

You can purchase online at or visit the exciting 12,500 square foot showroom in Emeryville.

Please check for their special showroom hours or contact us today to learn more:

Italy Design
1290 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA USA 94608



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