Modern Furniture & Contemporary Furniture: Inspired Designs Make Products Endearing


Modern and contemporary furniture design is a great personification of emotional design rendered to functional objects. Custom-made furniture with rich, patterned fabrics, themed furniture, and seductive designs for furniture play an important role in how your furniture defines you.

If your home is the single, largest investment you’ll ever make in your life, your furniture stands to make statements about your home. The design, look, feel, and the aura of your furniture render a character to your home – which is perceived as an extension of “you”.

How, you might ask?

Steve Jobs was a man known for simplicity. His character not only defined how Apple’s product line looks and feels but it was also evident in his choice of furniture. The popular Biography Steve Jobs, penned by Walter Isaacson, describes his choice of furniture as resplendent with great design inspired from simplicity itself. His choice was always pure white, minimalistic, high utility and clutter-free.

Don Norman – the author of Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things – makes an effort to remind us about the role of emotions at play in our interactions with everyday objects. He uses scientific insights in trying to explain our indulgent multi-thousand dollar spends on the Gucci’s products, Ferrari’s exquisite collection of cars, or Rolex watches.

Could such emotional triggers be encapsulated in “everyday”, “Buy-once-and-let-them-sit-in-the-living-room” objects such as modern or contemporary furniture pieces?


Design, married into function and quality, has produced some of the greatest products and brands today. Armani, Gucci, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Apple, and plenty of other brands found success at the intersection of function and great design.

Further, furniture design has been evolving. Post 19th century, furniture design is not only inspiring but also responsible. Modern furniture design also skews towards naturalist design (Live Edge).

Italy Design finds its roots in individualism expressed through inspired design of slick, modern, and contemporary furniture with swashbuckling styles. Our products start from Interior decorative pieces, rugs, designer furniture collections, glass vases, sofa beds, table lamps, office desks, and computer stands.

Our luxury collections also include a range of products in bedroom, dining, office, and living room furnishings; bookcases and wall shelves; sconces, and many other lighting and lamp products; special designer products such as Tonino Lamborghini Casa and Aston martin Home and Office Furnishing collections; and much more.

We don’t rest on our design achievements. We know that while design outsells function. Yet, in an actual commercial transaction, there are other nuances such as customer service, post-sales, installation, and plenty of other elements in business that mean a lot to our customers.

For years, we strived to live up to our customers’ expectations and we find pleasure in bringing modern, contemporary, stylish furniture to your home.

Italy Design, a progressive, cutting edge factory direct importer of stylish modern furniture and contemporary furniture, is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Italy Design is one of the largest showroom/warehouse facilities for high style, modern Italian furniture in the United States.

You can purchase online at or visit the exciting 12,500 square foot showroom in Emeryville.

Please check for their special showroom hours or contact us today to learn more:

Italy Design
1290 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA USA 94608


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