Interiors by Aston Martin - Bedroom Collection

The Aston Martin Interiors collection, by prestigious British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin is designed to create a distinctive and exclusive offering for a consumer who appreciates exceptional design and original pieces.

Designed in conjunction with Aston Martin, and made in Italy, the collection creates synthesis between advanced, industrial technologies used in Aston Martin cars such as carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminum, alongside materials such as leather, wool and cashmere; a perfect fusion of performance, design and comfort.

The sleek and seductive collection has been developed specifically to reflect the uncompromising level of design, comfort, luxury and performance embodied by a modern Aston Martin sports car: bespoked frames incorporating wood, steel and carbon fibre all combined with fine leathers and wools to offer ergonomic and luxuriant comfort to the owner, a stylish and sophisticated addition to any contemporary living space.

Every piece in the Aston Martin Interiors collection is 'Made in Italy' by the Formitalia Group SPA and communicates Aston Martin's brand values of Power, Beauty and Soul.
aston_martin_bedroom_V092_01.jpg AMBC 1
aston_martin_bedroom_V035_01.jpg AMBC 2
aston_martin_bedroom_V029_01.jpg AMBC 3
aston_martin_bedroom_V028_01.jpg AMBC 4
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