Italian Art Furniture Collection - Mirrors

The pieces in the Italian Art Furniture collection are designed and made by artisans in Italy using solid wood, wit, humor and high level of old world craftsmanship. The wood used in this collection is salvaged old elm and fir adding character and ensuring the ecological nature of each piece.

The pure joy of the creative process is evident in every piece and will put a smile on your environment.
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7028_01.jpg IAFM 1
Mirror 7028
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7047_01.jpg IAFM 2
Mirror 7047
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7048_01.jpg IAFM 3
Mirror 7048
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7049_01.jpg IAFM 4
Mirror 7049
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7009_01.jpg IAFM 5
Mirror 7009
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7064_01.jpg IAFM 6
Mirror 7064
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_7046_01.jpg IAFM 7
Mirror 7046
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_OL1320_01.jpg IAFM 8
Mirror OL1320
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_OL1319_01.jpg IAFM 9
Mirror OL1319
italian_art_furniture_collection_mirror_OL1318_01.jpg IAFM 10
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