Reviews & Testimonial from
Claude A, Ft. Worth TX

I had been looking for some modern/ contemporary furniture for some time . Living in Texas this is not the easiest style of furniture to find. I began looking online and came across and new that I had found the right place. My concern was buying furniture online and not seeing it first hand. I have a couple of friends that live in the bay area that were kind enough to swing by the warehouse and have a look for me. They raved as to the quality of the products and the knowledge of the staff. this eased my concerns and I ordered a couch and matching chair. the particular couch came with options for the cushions ; a foam one which was more linear and contemporary looking and a down - filled one that has a more poofy look.

I went with the latter per the recommendation of my friends.

The furniture arrived within the delivery window quoted and looked beautiful. After the delivery guys left , I realized that the cushions for the couch were the down filled ones but the chair was not. I then sat in the couch and was surprised to find the cushions were a little too soft and the fill was inconsistent. I called and spoke with the owner and explained the problem with the wrong cushions and he immediately offered to send a replacement a cushion for the chair. When I voiced my concern with the down cushions on the couch he gave me the option to replace them with either new down ones or the foam ones. I went with the foam ones. The delivery was prompt and at their expense. I swapped out the cushions and despite being very cautious doing so one of the cushion covers tore. This time I wrote to to them.

The reply was prompt and to my surprise they offered to replace the cushion cover as well. I now have a couch and chair that I am extremely happy with. In addition , as a former business owner I can not say enough positive things about the level of customer service provided by the team at italydesign. Overall , I had roughly a dozen exchanges with them either on the phone or e-mail. they always responded promptly [ usually within an hour or two] even on weekends. I will continue to buy products from them and they get my highest recommendation possible! CORBUSIER SOFA AND CHAIR CLAUDE A FORT WORTH, TX - est. 1995 ©2017