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Daniele M, Beverly Hills CA

I must confess to you that it was my first time I order on line !!! (and it was a little scary!) Thank you very much for having taking such a good care of my differents orders. I must say I was very happy with the delivery of my leather bed in Paris. the quality of leather and work is exactly what I was hoping and expecting to receive. Your delivery people were prompt on time! I'm amazed how easy it was for me to furnish that appartment I bought in Paris !! Your products from the different designers I adore were all there on ! Your prices are very good as the euro is now very expensive. Please continue to take good care of my new orders... my best regards to you MODERN CLASSIC BED, MODERN CLASSIC BENCH, DRESSER AND NIGHTSTAND DELIVERED TO PARIS DANIELE M, BEVERLY HILLS, CA - est. 1995 ©2017