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Ed T, Santa Cruz, CA

The quest for the perfect sofa ended at your warehouse. The Gyro sofa bed I purchased has exceded all expectations. After my first visit I knew there'd would be no need to go elsewhere. Shopping here is similar to an art gallery experience. My home is filled with furniture that I love more each day. Conversation pieces to be sure. I found the perfect choices for my design philosophy. Many move, roll, rotate, flex and transform. Two of sofas are transformable. This makes three more guest spots as well as comfortable daybeds. Of particular note are my Naos tables. The Cassius and Hula-Op tables are functional, fun, beautiful and durable. The Hula-Op allows flexible dining seating. There is a sense if playfulness to many of pieces. LE VELE VIDEO SOFA BED, SOFT DUE SOFA BED,
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