Tonino Lamborghini Casa Collection - Office

A unique spirit permeates every product conceived, designed and created by Tonino Lamborghini. It is the ability to innovate, yet remain faithful to tradition shapes that are elegant and bold at the same time.

This passionate quest captures the ineffaceable heritage of Italian style in the world and speaks the inimitable language of creativity, innovation, elegance and technique.

This passion is the driving force behind the collections bearing the Tonino Lamborghini name.

In the design, in the search for details, in the desire that only a prestigious brand can awaken. Collections conceived for men and women of character, who refuse to go unnoticed. The Tonino Lamborghini Casa Collection is produced in Italy by the Formitalia Group SPA.
lamborghini_office_carbon_touring_office_01.jpg TLCO 1
Carbon Touring Office
lamborghini_office_carbon_touring_desk_01.jpg TLCO 2
Touring Desk
lamborghini_office_collection_touring_conference_table_01.jpg TLCO 3
Touring Conference Table
lamborghini_office_collection_touring_chair_01.jpg TLCO 4
Touring Office Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_touring_guest_chair_01.jpg TLCO 5
Touring Guest Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_touring_file_cabinet_grid.jpg TLCO 6
Touring File Cabinets
lamborghini_office_collection_touring_library_cabinet_01.jpg TLCO 7
Touring Library Cabinet
lamborghini_office_collection_super_arch_desk_01.jpg TLCO 8
Super Arch Desk
lamborghini_office_collection_super_arch_7_drawer_cabinet_01.jpg TLCO 9
Super Arch 7-Drawer Cabinet
lamborghini_office_collection_super_arch_file_cabinet_01.jpg TLCO 10
Super Arch File Cabinet
lamborghini_office_collection_performance_office_01.jpg TLCO 11
Performance Office
lamborghini_office_collection_performance_desk_01.jpg TLCO 12
Performance Desk
lamborghini_office_collection_performance_cabinet_01.jpg TLCO 13
Performance Wall Cabinet
lamborghini_office_collection_spider_office_01.jpg TLCO 14
Spider Office
lamborghini_office_collection_spider_desk_01.jpg TLCO 15
Spider Desk
lamborghini_office_collection_spider_cabinet_01.jpg TLCO 16
Spider File Cabinet
lamborghini_office_collection_spider_chair_01.jpg TLCO 17
Spider Office Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_spider_guest_chair_01.jpg TLCO 18
Spider Guest Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_racing_office_chair_01.jpg TLCO 19
Racing Office Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_racing_guest_chair_01.jpg TLCO 20
Racing Guest Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_pilot_office_chair_01.jpg TLCO 21
Pilot Office Chair
lamborghini_office_collection_pilot_guest_chair_01.jpg TLCO 22
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