Luxury Collection - Dining Room

Milan Fair Sale

Our largest sale of the year

Sale ends March 26

dining_table_neolitico_01.jpg LDR 1
Neolitico 72 Dining Table
fili_d_erba_dining_table_grid.jpg LDR 2
Fili D' Erba Dining Table
dining_table_infinito_01.jpg LDR 3
Infinito Dining Table
dining_table_gran_canal_01.jpg LDR 4
Gran Canal Dining Table
dining_table_transeo_01.jpg LDR 5
Transeo Dining Table
dining_table_signore_degli_anelli_01.jpg LDR 6
Signore Degli Annelli 72
dining_table_poker_01.jpg LDR 7
Poker Dining Table
dining_table_policleto_jazz_01.jpg LDR 8
Policleto Jazz Dining Table
dining_table_bamboo_04.jpg LDR 9
Bamboo Dining Table
dining_table_impact_72_01.jpg LDR 10
Impact 72 Dining Table
atlas_expandable_dining_table_grid.jpg LDR 11
Atlas Expandable Dining Table
dining_table_wilton_01.jpg LDR 12
Wilton Dining Table
dining_chair_sit_grid01.jpg LDR 13
Sit Dining Chair
dining_chair_question_mark_grid.jpg LDR 14
Question Mark Dining Chair
dining_chair_twist_196_01.jpg LDR 15
Twist 196 Dining Chair
dining_chair_samba_01.jpg LDR 16
Samba Dining Chair
dining_chair_stage_01.jpg LDR 20
Stage Dining Chair
dining_chair_shells_945_01.jpg LDR 17
Shells Chair 945
dining_chair_tendence_01.jpg LDR 18
Tendence Dining Chair
dining_chair_gamma_01.jpg LDR 19
Gamma Dining Chair
dining_chair_my_style_01.jpg LDR 20
My Style Dining Chair
dining_chair_petalo_01.jpg LDR 21
Petalo Dining Chair
dining_chair_club_01.jpg LDR 22
Club Dining Chair