Luxury Collection - Living Room

Milan Fair Sale

Our largest sale of the year

Sale ends March 26

sofa_heart_01.jpg LLR 1
Heart Sofa
sofa_airon_01.jpg LLR 2
Airon Sofa
sofa_gioia_01.jpg LLR 3
Gioia Sofa
sofa_intesa_01.jpg LLR 4
Intesa Sofa
jazz_sofa1.jpg LLR 5
Jazz Sofa
sofa_avatar_01.jpg LLR 6
Avatar Sofa
wave_sectional_grid.jpg LLR 7
Wave Sectional Sofa
original_sofa1.jpg LLR 8
Original Sofa
sofa_museo_01.jpg LLR 9
Museo Sofa
sofa_galaxy_sectional_01.jpg LLR 10
Galaxy Sectional
sofa_mercury_line_01.jpg LLR 11
Mercury Line Sectional
sofa_kubico_01.jpg LLR 12
Kubico Sofa
sofa_kristall_01.jpg LLR 13
Kristall Sofa
sofa_add_look_round_01.jpg LLR 14
Add Look Round Sofa
sofa_passion_04 LLR 15
Passion Sofa
sofa_monte_carlo_grid.jpg LLR 16
Monte Carlo Sofa
bar_guitar_01.jpg LLR 17
Guitar Bar
sofa_ez_01.jpg LLR 18
EZ Sofa
coffee_table_gran_canal_40_01.jpg LLR 19
Gran Canal 40 Coffee Table
coffee_table_fili_d_erba_40_01.jpg LLR 20
Fili D' Erba 40 Coffee Table
coffee_table_mikado_40_01.jpg LLR 21
Mikado 40 Coffee Table
coffee_table_gaudi_01.jpg LLR 22
Gaudi Coffee Table
coffee_table_nodo_01.jpg LLR 23
Nodo 40 Coffee Table
coffee_table_vela_01.jpg LLR 24
Vela Coffee Table
coffee_table_neolitico_40_vetro_01.jpg LLR 25
Neolitico 40 Vetro
coffee_table_mathematique_01.jpg LLR 26
Mathematique Coffee Table
coffee_table_aenigma_01.jpg LLR 27
Aenigma Coffee Table
table_end_ghibli_01.jpg LLR 28
Ghibli End Table
table_end_angola_01.jpg LLR 29
Angola End Table
table_end_foulard_01.jpg LLR 30
Foulard End Table
table_end_samba_01.jpg LLR 31
Samba End Table
table_end_onis_01.jpg LLR 32
Onis Comodino 1 and 2 End Tables
table_end_less_01.jpg LLR 33
Less End Table
trolley_velox_01.jpg LLR 34
Velox Trolley
end_table_jazz_01.jpg LLR 35
Jazz End Table
curio_onis_rectangle_01.jpg LLR 36
Onis Rectangular
curio_onis_square_round_01.jpg LLR 37
Onis Square/Round
curio_onis_corner_01.jpg LLR 38
Onis Corner
curio_composita_01.jpg LLR 39
curio_omega_angolo_01.jpg LLR 40
Omega Angolo
curio_omega_vetrina_01.jpg LLR 41
Omega Vetrina
bar_coco_de_mer_01.jpg LLR 42
Coco De Mer
console_table_foulard_01.jpg LLR 43
Foulard Console Table
console_table_neolitico_01.jpg LLR 44
Neolitico Console Table
console_table_fili_d_erba_01.jpg LLR 45
Fili D' Erba Console Table
console_table_swing_01.jpg LLR 46
Swing Console Table
console_table_infinito_01.jpg LLR 47
Infinito Console Table
media_center_mirage_01.jpg LLR 48
Mirage Media Center
media_storage_CD_200_01.jpg LLR 49
CD 200
media_storage_CD_55_grid.jpg LLR 50
CD 55
off_shore_wall_unit1.jpg LLR 51
Off-Shore Wall Unit
coffee_table_slide_01.jpg LLR 52
Slide Coffee Table