Modern Office Chairs

Milan Fair Sale

Our largest sale of the year

Sale ends March 26

EOFC11.jpg EOFC 1
XtenOffice Chair
modern_classic_office_chair1.jpg EOFC 2
Modern Classic Office Chair
office_chair_verona_executive_01.jpg EOFC 3
Verona Executive Office Chair
office_chair_verona_guest_01.jpg EOFC 4
Verona Guest Chair
office_chair_verona_lux_executive_01.jpg EOFC 5
Verona Lux Executive Office Chair
office_chair_verona_lux_guest_01.jpg EOFC 6
Verona Lux Guest Chair
pasqualina_office_chair.jpg EOFC 7
Pasqualina Office Chair
EOFC91.jpg EOFC 8
Twist 0723 Office Chair
office_chair_backapp_2_grid EOFC 9
Back App 2