Reflex Pininfarina Collection

Pininfarina Segno is an integrated Living system, part of the Reflex/Pininfarina Home Design project.

Pininfarina Home Design represents a journey in exploring new scenarios. A journey into the Home Space in which, for the first time, Pininfarina's heritage in furniture was combined with the innovative style in architecture and interiors of the Italian design house.

To imagine and realize solutions for interiors with a unique and distinctive character, in which the design of the space naturally marries the personality of the furniture.

To give life to experiences in which form and function are integrated.

To give shape to spaces conceived for a contemporary lifestyle.A journey made of design, innovation, custom-tailoring, luxury, Italian style. A journey to raise emotion and to create value.

Pininfarina Segno &emdash; an integrated Living system Reflex and Pininfarina present in preview the first integrated Living system, that includes a modular sofa, a table, a cabinet, a bookcase and two lighting systems.

The Collection is characterized by pure and elegant lines, by dynamic shapes that evolving in the space give shape to new functions. The use of copper is a further trait d'union that, combined with the walnut Canaletto wood, confer a unique and distinctive character to the Collection.
bed_segno_letto_01 RPFHDC 1
Segno Letto
desk_segno_scrivania_01 RPFHDC 2
Segno Scrivania
office_chairs_vela_01 RPFHDC 3
Vela Office Chair
dining_chair_vela_chair_alta_01 RPFHDC 4
Vela Alta Dining Chair
occasional_chair_vela_poltroncina_01 RPFHDC 5
Vela Poltroncina Chair
dining_table_segno_72_grid RPFHDC 6
Segno 72 Dining Table
buffet_segno_credenza_low_grid RPFHDC 7
Segno Credenza Low
buffet_segno_buffet_grid RPFHDC 8
Segno Buffet
bookcases_segno_libreria_01 RPFHDC 9
Segno Libreria
ceiling_light_speed_form_grid_sm2 RPFHDC 10
Speedform Lampadario
chandelier_segno_grid_sm2 RPFHDC 11
Segno Collezione
dining_chair_vela_01 RPFHDC 12
Vela Dining Chair
dining_chair_sit_grid02 RPFHDC 13
Sit Chair
barstool_sit_03 RPFHDC 14
Sit Sgabello
sofa_segno_sofa_wood_mod_a_01 RPFHDC 15
Segno Sofa Wood Mod. A
sofa_segno_sofa_wood_mod_b_01 RPFHDC 16
Segno Sofa Wood Mod. B
sofa_segno_01 RPFHDC 17
Segno Sofa
sofa_segno_sofa_chaise_lomgue_a_01 RPFHDC 18
Segno Sofa Chaise Longue A
sofa_segno_sofa_chaise_longue_b_01 RPFHDC 19
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