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Venezia Dining Chair Collection

The Venezia collection is a totally customizable artisan production of dining chairs made in Italy in the classic tradition using solid wood frames and antique finishes.

You can choose your fabric and select from over 38 artisan finishes to create your own custom chairs.

venezia_dining_chair_0129S_grid.jpg VCDC 1
venezia_dining_chair_0129A_grid.jpg VCDC 2
venezia_dining_chair_0146S_grid.jpg VCDC 3
venizia_dining_chair_0146A_grid.jpg VCDC 4
venezia_dining_chair_0205S_grid.jpg VCDC 5
venezia_dining_chair_0205A_grid.jpg VCDC 6
venezia_dining_chair_0283S_grid.jpg VCDC 7
venezia_dining_chair_0283A_grid.jpg VCDC 8
venezia_dining_chair_0382S_grid.jpg VCDC 9
venezia_dining_chair_0382A_grid.jpg VCDC 10
venezia_dining_chair_0500S_grid.jpg VCDC 11
venezia_dining_chair_0500A_grid.jpg VCDC 12
venezia_dining_chair_0706S_grid.jpg VCDC 13
venezia_dining_chair_0706A_grid.jpg VCDC 14
venezia_dining_chair_0481S_grid.jpg VCDC 15
venezia_dining_chair_0481A_grid.jpg VCDC 16
venezia_dining_chair_0180S_grid.jpg VCDC 17
venezia_dining_chair_0180A_grid.jpg VCDC 18