Loft Sectional / Sofa

$5,550.00 $11,000.00

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      The Loft  is one of the most  comfortable and versatile  sofas available.

      The   adjustable backrests   provide a wide variety of relaxing and lounging positions. The  look is sleek, modern and minimalist. With the backrests   back  you can experience the ultimate in lounging comfort. The  armrests  are adjustable and add support for your arms can be used as a pillow for napping.

      The thick seat cushion are soft and welcoming. A uniquely contoured platform floats above the floor on sleek steel legs.

      The Loft  completely satisfies with its unbelievable comfort and its refined sense of style. It is expertly made in Italy with high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship

      The legs are architecturally designed . The Loft has many elements  that allow you to create a custom sized sectional or sofa to fit your space.

      In stock 1 sectional composition  sample  122" x64" with chaise on the left[ as you face it] in soft touch leather sky

      In stock 1 sectional composition 112" x 95" with peninsula  on the right[ as you face it] in soft touch leather sky

      Samples are not new in the original factory packing  and are available for delivery to clients within 100 mile radius of San Francisco.


      Loft Sectional Sofa Composition Slection Schematics

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