Missoni Cushion and Footstool Collection - Golden Age

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Kadu 21 Cushion 12"x24"
Kadu 31 Cushion 12"x24"
Kadu 40 Cushion 12"x24"
Kadu 21 Cushion 16"x16"
Kadu 31 Cushion 16"x16"
Kadu 40 Cushion 16"x16"
Kermansah 21 Cushion 12"x24"
Kermansah 31 Cushion 12"x24"
Kermansah 40 Cushion 12"x24"
Kermansah 21 Cushion 24"x24"
Kermansah 31 Cushion 24"x24"
Kermansah 40 Cushion 24"x24"
Khal 31 Cushion 16"x16"
Khal 40 Cushion 16"x16"
Khal 31 Cushion 24"x24"
Khal 40 Cushion 24"x24"
Kojda 131 Cushion 14"x31"
Kojda 131 Cushion 16"x16"
Kojda 131 Cushion 32"x32"
Kouande' 31 Cushion 12"x24"
Kouande' 40 Cushion 12"x24"
Kouande' 31 Cushion 24"x24"
Kouande' 40 Cushion 24"x24"
Khal 31 Round Floor Cushion Ø28"x63"
Khal 40 Round Floor Cushion Ø28"x63"
Kouande'31 Round Floor Cushion Ø20"x63"
Kouande'40 Round Floor Cushion Ø20"x63"
Kojda 131 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
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