Missoni Cushion and Footstool Collection - Golden Age Soft

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Kadu 21 Cushion 16"x16"
Kadu 21 Cushion 12"x24"
Leeka 401 Cushion 16"x16"
Leeka 561 Cushion 16"x16"
Leeka 571 Cushion 16"x16"
Leeka 401 Cushion 24"x24"
Leeka 561 Cushion 24"x24"
Leeka 571 Cushion 24"x24"
Margot 159 Cushion 16"x16"
Coomba T40 Cushion 12"x12"
Coomba T57 Cushion 12"x12"
Coomba T59 Cushion 12"x12"
Coomba T40 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T57 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T59 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T40 Cushion 24"x24"
Coomba T57 Cushion 24"x24"
Coomba T59 Cushion 24"x24"
Coomba T40 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Coomba T57 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Coomba T59 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Leeka 401 Beanbag Footstool Ø32"x14"
Leeka 561 Beanbag Footstool Ø32"x14"
Leeka 571 Beanbag Footstool Ø32"x14"