Missoni Cushion and Footstool Collection - Passiflora T60

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Claremont T42 Cushion 12"x12"
Claremont T42 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T40 Cushion 12"x12"
Coomba T65 Cushion 12"x12"
Coomba T70 Cushion 12"x12"
Coomba T40 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T65 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T70 Cushion 12"x24"
Coomba T40 Cushion 24"x24"
Coomba T65 Cushion 24"x24"
Coomba T70 Cushion 24"x24"
Jacaranda T60 Cushion 12"x12"
Jacaranda T60 Cushion 12"x24"
Kew T42 Cushion 16"x16"
Passiflora T60 Cushion 16"x16"
Passion Flower T03 Round Cushion Ø14"
Passion Flower T04 Cushion 16"x16"
Uluru T16 Cushion 12"x24"
Jacaranda T60 Round Floor Cushion Ø28"x63"
Kew T42 Round Floor Cushion Ø28"x63"
Coomba T40 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Coomba T65 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Coomba T70 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Kew T42 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Jacaranda T60 Cylinder Footstool Ø16"x12"
Passiflora T60 Beanbag Footstool Ø32"x14"