Classique Wooden Pergola

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  • Product Description

      With Classique you can create a truly versatile made to measure modular system which is adaptable to all types of spaces and can be enhanced with Wood Garden accessories.

      It can be enlarged in width with one or more single 186 cm modules or with a double 372 cm extension module (for an open front span). The structure is in treated Nordic pine which can be painted dark walnut, teak or in colors from the Unopiu Color range. Various types of roofing are available for this pergola: sheets of polycarbonate, matchwood slats, strips of wood, roll shades and blinds, fixed shades and bamboo shades.

      The pergola can be fixed:to the ground: anchored by posts to the ground using special brackets art. SINT which must be set in concrete;

      - to the pavement: the pergola is fixed using "L" brackets (for posts 90 x 90, raised "ribbed" brackets or double raised brackets. Where drilling the pavement is impossible, flowerboxes can be used to anchor the posts.

      - to a wall: using plugs, to be chosen according to the type of wall.

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