Liu Jo Living

LIU JO LIVING’s unique styling has evolved from their creative design experience with LIU JO ,one of Italy’s leading fashion brands.

 The DNA of LIU JO LIVING is an interaction between the emotions of fashion and the best Italian manufacturing traditions .

The result is a new approach to home furnishing with high quality products that combine fashion with the world of design .

The LIU JO LIVING collection is available in a variety of materials, sizes , and finishes  to express your personal style.

The products in the LIU JO LIVING collection are designed to work harmoniously together to create a complete home environment or as stand-alone products.

Choose from Quick ship products or customize a product using the configurator tool* to create and visualize the version that meets your unique requirements.

*Not all products have the configurator tool.

Prices for LIU JO LIVING are in USD and include shipping from Italy to the USA, customs and duty expenses, insurance, selling expenses and currency exchange conversion from Euro to USD.

LIUJO Living, keeping with the dictates of fashion, offers removable covers that can also be customized during the life of the product by purchasing various covers separately to change the look of one's living room throughout the year.

Liu Jo Living Caillou Sofa
Liu Jo Living Raw Diamond
Liu Jo Living Coquille Sofa
From $5,939.00 - $6,150.00
Liu Jo Living Caillou Bed
From $4,662.00 - $4,882.00
Liu Jo Living Warm Hug
From $5,116.00 - $5,181.00
Liu Jo Living Sweet Embrace
Liu Jo Living Dream Away Sectional
From $7,077.00 - $7,399.00
Liu Jo Living Caillou Sectional
From $9,280.00 - $9,549.00
Liu Jo Living Caillou Dresser
Liu Jo Living Caillou Capitonné
From $5,298.00 - $5,458.00
Liu Jo Living Ensemble Caillou Indoor
From $2,042.00 - $2,193.00
Liu Jo Living Caillou Armchair
Liu Jo Living Hidden Island
Liu Jo Living Caillou Nightstand
Liu Jo Living Tetù Outdoor Sofa