ID Fabric Collection Supernova

The Id Fabric Collection Supernova is a state of the art fabric with Trevira fibers.

It is a low maintenance, durable commercially rated fabric that is available in a wide range  of design colors with a soft touch.

It can be used for contract or residential use for all of the upholstered items in our collection.

It is protected ,easy to clean, dries quickly and retain its shape after washing. Unlike other materials, they need substantially less water and detergent in the wash, and thanks to the short drying times  less energy for the drying process.

When it comes to maintenance, the functions of Trevira materials offer numerous advantages. This is because their properties, flame retardancy for example, or the bio active effect, are firmly anchored in the fiber and are not lost as a result of usage or washing. Unlike fabrics that achieve their functions by means of a chemical coating, Trevira textiles are kind to the environment. When washed, there is no release of finish that is harmful to the environment. 

Id Fabric Collection Supernova