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The glass vases in the Vivarini Glass Collection are hand made by themaster glass blowers of Formia Italia in their furnaces in Murano. Eachpiece is signed and marked with the Murano glass guarantee.

Glass is mainly composed of very pure silica sand that can assume thedesired color through the addition of common or rare metal oxides. Theresulting compound, together with small amounts of other chemicalsubstances, is fused at extremely high temperatures transforming it intocolored glass. Each color is characterized by a different oxide, thatproportionally to the amount used determines its intensity.

Murano has produced colors since ancient times and this small island wasresponsible for imparting the secrets of colored glass made in its workshopsto the rest of the world. The Vivarinis were a 15th century family ofartisans from Murano. Working together, they interpreted the motifs of theirtimes in a thoroughly original manner, mixing traditional and modern stylesin a continual search for a geometrically simple figure in space. It is withthis rich history and tradition that the Vivarini collection was inspiredproducing art glass shaped with light and color, light as a breeze and solidas stone.

To see more of the Murano Glass Collection of vases, art objects andlighting, visit Formia Italia.

Prices may not be shown due to multiple size and finish options, delivery service and trade and volume discounts.