Slide Sectional


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      Perhaps one of the most comfortable sofas available, the Slide Sectional's distinguishing feature is its sliding backrest cushions. Luxurious deep seating comfort is achieved by simply sliding the backrest back to produce a wide chaise lounge. Each backrest operates individually: when all 3 backrests are pushed back, a wide expanse of ultimate lounging space is created. When relaxing lengthwise on the sofa, the arm rest becomes a comfortable headrest ideal for reading in repose.

      The thick seat cushion is soft and welcoming with tufting for added plushness. A uniquely contoured platform floats above the floor on sleek steel legs.

      The Slide Sectional completely satisfies with its unbelievable comfort and its refined sense of style. Expertly made with high quality materials and skilled Italian craftsmanship, this sofa is built to last. The Slide Sectional is made in the Tuscan region of Italy an area renowned for its rich tradition of leather working. The frames are made with solid wood and plywood.

      The legs are architecturally designed with chrome finish.

      The Slide Sectional is expertly crafted in Italy


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