Caillou Make Up Set

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Caillou Make Up Set

Functionality and elegance, a combination of contradictions with an incredible result

for the make-up set with a changing personality.

A pop and transformable element that contains three different souls: make-up set, desk, and console.
In the make-up set version, it turns into the object of desire of every woman. An intimate and personal place where you can find your beauty secrets and take care of yourself.
Like the other elements of the Caillou collection, the Liu Jo brand performs in the refined metal structure, thanks to the presence of a golden capsule that signs the object defining its preciousness as well as the association between fashion and design.
The adjustable mirror reveals the inspiration for the classic toilet cabinet, now revisited in a contemporary key.
Precious details, fine woods, excellent quality finishes. The delicacy of a timeless design element.


  • Height: 53 1/8" (135 cm)
  • Width: 48 13/16" (124 cm)
  • Depth: 20 7/8" (53 cm)

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Product Information

  • Structure: 15 mm thick MDF wood, lacquer (RAL) or wood effect finish of your choice
  • Base: powder-coated metal base
  • Please contact us for pricing and availability for other sizes and/or materials for this model.

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Prices may not be shown due to multiple size and finish options, delivery service and trade and volume discounts.