Fili D' Erba 72

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The Fili D' Erba table by Reflex is a visual symphony of unforgettable form and artistic structural engineering. The base is composed of three solid Murano glass legs whose graceful curves sweep upward supporting an oval or round glass top. Each precious glass leg is handblown on the island of Murano. Air bubbles glisten within the glass, refracting and scattering the light.

The legs are available in six color combinations:

  1. Blue, turquoise, frosted white.
  2. Emerald green, grass green, frosted white
  3. Black, grey, frosted white
  4. All frosted white
  5. Rugiada Murano glass
  6. Gold and Murrine

While the visual effect is weightless, each heavy leg is joined at its intersection by steel couplings and securely attached to the glass bonded discs. A 45 degree bevel decorates the edge of the 5/8 inch thick glass top which is available in six sizes.

Gorgeous beyond belief, Fili D' Erba is a piece of art, a sculpture and a table at once. Each base is completely made by hand, rendering every table one of a kind. All products by Reflex reflect a great passion for exquisite beauty and command much respect for their absolute quality and magical artistry. Base is 29" high. Made in Italy.


Murano glass of various colors, clear 5/8" glass top in various size 

Choose Sizes From:

Ellipse 71" x 47"
Ellipse 78" x 47"
Ellipse 94" x 47"
Freeform Shape 93" x 49"
Round 47" Diameter
Round 63" Diameter



all measurements in cm. Convert to inches by dividing by 2.54.

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Prices may not be shown due to multiple size and finish options, delivery service and trade and volume discounts.