Shangai bookcase

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  • Product Description

      The eccentric, exclusive Shangai bookcase makes a great visual impact with its distinctive style, giving the room an extremely classy, refined style. The unusual interior “beehive” structure undoubtedly makes Shanghai an original, sophisticated piece for furnishing the day area with creativity and taste. A feature that renders it immediately recognizable is the net effect created by the intersections of the shelves, which form a geometric composition of lines and spaces. It is a solution that is pleasing to the eye and moves away from the traditional bookcase concept. Not only is the style cutting-edge, but the materials that are used are too.

      External frame in oak. Inner frame in DULVER covered in spatulated concrete "HD grey 111"or lacquered. 

      Shanghai Standard

      Height: 93"
      Width: 64"
      Depth:  12"

       Shanghai XL

      Height: 93"
      Width: (122,8"
      Depth:  12"


  • Product Details

    • Variant: Default Title
    • Product Type: Unknown Type
    • Brand: Alivar